Sunday, June 29, 2008

This weekend

We went back to the Greeley Guest House to take pictures a year after our wedding. I took the idea from my friend Jen. Also, my belly is very prevalent in these :)


Brooken said...

first off, whoa big belly!

secondly, i have my own blog, you should check it out.

remember when you used to check my xanga all the time? i remember i would look to see what footprints i'd gotten in a day and you would usually have checked it once. it always made me feel so good to know that you were interested in my life. now, i check your blog everyday.

i love you a whole lot.

Tonya said...

You look so cute! I am so very happy for you and John!

Sara said...

Bethany, your Belly is really cute. John, yours is too.

Jen said...

I love your belly. It's so cute. How have you been feeling? I bet your little one is moving a lot now. Isn't that an awesome feeling? Well Joe and I finally agreed on a name today. I feel so relieved! I'm hoping my little man will come two weeks early like Emma did, so only 7 weeks left for me. Yahoo!

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