Friday, July 10, 2009

Blessed to be a witness

Ian is 8 months old now. Will time ever slow down? He's a little scootchin' fool, still can't really crawl, but he's fast. He still really likes all the bad things - power cords, cell phones, dog bones, the list goes on. He's also getting a little clingy to John and me. I'm not sure if I posted he got his first baby tooth. I think it's bothering him a little, and I wouldn't be surprised if another one doesn't pop in soon. He's a little fussy, but nothing too bad. He makes us laugh with his funny faces. He also likes to use Mommy and Daddy as a jungle gym. We lay on the floor and he crawls all over us. Also a new big 8 month milestone for Ian is taking a nap in his crib. I know, probably sounds crazy, but our little guy has only napped in his crib probably 3 or 4 times since he was born. I think it's my fault (I held him almost all day while I was on maternity leave). Then he was in his swing. He has always been a great sleeper at night, just not during the day. Just this past week John put him in his crib and he laid there and slept. It is amazing and we're happy for it. I must admit, though, I wouldn't give back those hours and days of holding him while he slept for anything. He isn't as cuddly anymore, and he may never be as cuddly again. John and I sat out on the backporch and watched a storm moving in tonight and we both agreed that we love our lives. There are certain things that make me pause - wishing my Dad was back, wishing family lived closer - but being in Colorado right now is being at home. When I feel sad I just have to remember the goodness. I know for sure that this baby was made for me. I am blessed to be a witness.

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rachel said...

I like to hear your experiences. There's so much that I can relate to at the moment, in the most random ways (like the crib thing) but also more seriously, like with family. Thanks for sharing...btw that shot of the dishwasher is so darn cute!

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