Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 4 - Giving the gift of Generations

Ian's birthday is November 5th. Thankfully he was able to spend that day with all of his Grandparents. We had such a nice time together, with a wonderful meal cooked by John, and a fun time opening presents. Bob and Sara came out from Ohio to spend the week with us for Ian's birthday. It feels like such a blessing that they are able to do that for their Grandchildren. John and I each only have one grandparent left, John's Grandpa Bryson and my Grandma Blough. We love them very much, and enjoy spending time with them, however infrequently. Enjoy your Grandparents while you can.

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erin said...

Oh, that picture made me cry. Matt has so many good memories of your grandparents and I grew to love them so much in the short amount of time I knew them.

Happy birthday (again) to Ian! So glad you all had a good day of celebrating.

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