Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ian saying Dog (in baby language)

It's no surprise to me that Ian's first word is Doggie. John and I heard him say I love you a few months ago, but no one will ever believe us on that, so we'll just keep it in our hearts. Here is the video. It sounds more like, "Da," but it is Dog. He says it every time he sees the bad, little doggies. So far all parties love each other (Mya runs and hides whenever Ian gets near, she is the smartest, after all). They accept Ian as the little human in the house, and so far, they tolerate his less than gentle touches. Lola is so desperate for anyone to pet her she lets Ian rip her hair out and pull on her ears (she is the dumbest, after all). Ian has his third cold in his short 10 month life. He does better being sick then his Mommy, that's for sure. He's getting more and more mobile, and this Saturday he actually stood without holding on to anything. It was for only 2.2 seconds, but it's something. I can't imagine this little man walking around, but he will be before we know it. He finally lifts that belly off the floor and crawls instead of just scootching. I kind of miss the army crawl, but we all have to make improvements.

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