Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to Four Mile Historic Park here for a Pumpkin Harvest Festival. It was a good time. Ian will have more fun when he's older and can do more of the activities. John enjoyed the homemade root beer, which they make there at the park. It was another beautiful day in Colorado. Blue sky, sunshine, and about 60 some odd degrees. Then we went to visit our friends Joey, Lacey, and Levi. You can see pictures of them here. It was great to see them and to meet Lacey's Momma. Levi is cuter than ever and looking great.

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Joey and Lacey said...

Bethany - we had so much fun having you, John & Levi's little friend, Ian over on Saturday. You are too dang smart for your own good... I like how you linked our page to your post. Levi did well today (for the most part!) --- I totally forgot to ask the Dr about what we were talking about. Shame on me!

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