Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baby Shower 2

We had another shower in Ohio. It was really hard to be back there without my Dad, but it was wonderful to see family and spend time celebrating Baby Boy Simpson! My Grandma lovingly refers to him as _______ Robert since she doesn't know his first name. Here are some pictures of the lovely cake creations, the baby sock bouquet, and John putting together our stroller, which was a gift we received!!
I had my 34 week appointment yesterday, and things are going well. I'm bigger then ever, and I'm getting uncomfortable, but it is well worth it. The baby is moving a lot, and it brings me such comfort to know he's alive and kicking in there. What a joy he brings to our lives already. I had to add a picture of our doggies, of course. They weren't interested in John putting the stroller together.

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Jen said...

I love the sock bouquet! I've never seen that before. 34 weeks! It has gone by so fast! I know you probably feel like crap sometimes, but your almost there!

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